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Road safety for children

"Molli and Walli" is an interactive and animated website for kids, containing quizzes, puzzles, a Jump 'n' Run game and much information about road safety for children.

An interactive Platform from Greece

The e-Drive Academy is an innovative educational Internet Platform for Safe, Smart, Ecological Transportation and Driving.

Brochure in several languages

Starting in 2015, Germany had to deal with a new challenge for politics and society: the big number of refugees coming to the country from many regions in the world, where war and hardship forces people to leave their home countries.

A bird as a symbol for childrens´safety campaigns

Pellekaija Pum is an exotic and rare bird. It is distantly related to a parrot. Pellekaija Pum is bumbling around in all kinds of dangerous situations and the children must give him advice so that he will not hurt himself.

Safety 4 Kids is a non-profit organisation designed to help kids make better decisions about their personal safety. The campaign website covers several topics, such as road safety, bullying, pool safety, internet safety, and more.

Although road safety education is not an obligatory part of the Austrian curriculum for secondary schools, it should (where possible) be integrated into other subjects.

Teen Driver Safety Campaign aims to prevent injury and save lives by reducing distracted, impaired and aggressive driving. High school students spread the news in their schools on smart decision-making behind the wheel.

Motor vehicle collisions kill more children than any other injury-related cause. The most effective way to protect children is to use an appropriate car or booster seat. Kids That Click resources include a popular car seat installation DVD and …

Parachute, a national injury prevention organization, presents Project Gearshift, a campaign designed to drive change in Canada around teen driver safety.

Video: Saskatchewan continues to hold the dubious title for having the least safe roads in the country. To combat our unsafe driving habits we went straight for the heart, well, the heartstring that is.

The short episode for the theme “Safe Start” shows hazards and risks that young workers should be aware of and it shows how the young workers should behave in certain situations. Year of production: 2006, running time.

PRAISE - Preventing Road Accidents and Injuries for the Safety of Employees Praising Best Practice in Road Safety ‘At’ Work and ‘To’ Work “Mobilising knowledge to create work-related road safety leadership” PRAISE is a project co-funded by the …

The Finnish Road Safety Council (Liikenneturva) offers traffic safety materials and action models ...

Around eight percent of the accidents that schoolchildren suffer happen on the way to school. Especially when changing from elementary school to secondary school, the way to school is often longer and therefore particularly dangerous.

This report sets out recommendations in the form of Key Principles that should be implemented in all European countries, in order to ensure that everyone – and especially children and youngsters – receive high quality traffic safety and mobility …

Website by RSA with information and material on cyclist safety.

Video: Give the road ALL your attention! The road is demanding. The road will hit only you once

The ACP Kids is a road safety education program of the Automobile Club de Portugal, aimed at children from 4 to 9 years old.

This transport project contains activities and activities for children appropriate to their age in kindergarten and at the elementary level develops elements of traffic education in children.

The Road Safety Unit is an approach to teaching road safety. There are different units for the different age groups and the different target groups. The Road Safety Unit is divides into different modules ...

A frightening insight into how drivers of semi-trucks can easily miss cyclists travelling alongside them.

Road Safety Week is an event that can happen at national, local or organisational level, which raises awareness about road safety, and encourages everyone to take action to prevent casualties and make roads safer.

JRSO stands for Junior Road Safety Officer. There's no one correct way to run a JRSO programme – it all depends on what best suits each school. However, one very important role is the JRSO Co-ordinator, an adult in the school who supports the JRSOs …

The GeoLibrary is a project of the Network of Collaborating Centres Work Plan in support of the WHO strategy of “Occupational Health for All.” The responsibility for constructing the library was undertaken by the Great Lakes Centers for Occupational …

We provide organizations with everything they need to achieve and sustain a crash-free culture® that does not accept collisions as an inevitable part of driving for work.

This website provides information, mobile apps and material dealing with the dangers of writing text massages while driving. Even a “Texting & Driving simulator is available. Especially the Film “From one second to the next”, directed by Werner …

The NETS Guide to Defensive Driver Training™ complements the NETS Comprehensive Guide to Road Safety™ and provides guidance on what constitutes an effective and sustainable Defensive Driver Training (DDT) program.

A collection of articles to help your teen be a safe driver Articles from State Farm® about insurance for teenagers and safety tips to help keep your teen and others safe and knowledgeable about the rules of the road.

One of the first things that you are responsible for after having a child is road safety.

After you get into an accident, it’s important to take the necessary steps to ensure safety and proper insurance claim filing.

Teen drivers have to learn many new skills, like judging how far away a moving car is and anticipating what other drivers are going to do. It can be extra hard for teens with ADHD to learn safe driving skills.

There are always risks involved when you’re hurtling down the road in a high-speed vehicle.

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