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ENETOSH Ambassadors

The ENETOSH Ambassadors are the national contact points of the European Network Education and Training in Occupational Safety and Health for individuals and institutions who would like to know more about the network or want to get in touch with ENETOSH. They are supposed to be native speakers.
As official representatives of the network they are authorized to promote ENETOSH in the scope of especially national but also international events.

ENETOSH has ambassadors in 24 countries worldwide: Albania, Botswana, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Malta, The Netherlands, Nigeria, Republic of North Macedonia, Pakistan, Portugal, Russian Federation, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine and United Kingdom.

Dr. Tommi Alanko

Director, Solutions for Safety
Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (FIOH)
P.O. Box 40
FI-00032 Työterveyslaitos

+358 40 719 2521

Twitter: @tpalanko

North Macedonia
Ivan Angelov

Macedonian Occupational Safety and Health Association
29 Noemvri 50
1000 Skopje

+389 2 2774 868

http://www.mzzpr.org.mk" target="_blank">http://www.mzzpr.org.mk

Dr. Ioannis Anyfantis

H&S Manager
Institute of Prevention and Development (IPD)
L. Katsoni 7
41222 Larissa


https://www.ipd.gr" target="_blank">https://www.ipd.gr

Prof. George Boustras

Professor in Risk Assessment, Dean of the Ioannis Gregoriou School of Business Administration, Director of CERIDES – Excellence in Innovation and Technology Editor-in-Chief, Safety Science (Elsevier)
European University Cyprus
Center for Risk, Safety and the Environment (CERISE)
6 Diogenis Street
2404 Nicosia

+357 22 713 157
+357 22 590 539

https://cerides.euc.ac.cy/" target="_blank">https://cerides.euc.ac.cy/

Paolo Carminati

AiFOS - Italian Association of Occupational Safety Trainers
Via Branze, 45
25123 Brescia

+39 348 2213232

https://www.aifos.org" target="_blank">https://www.aifos.org


Ulrike Craes

Deputy Director
Königsbrücker Landstraße 4B
01109 Dresden

+49 351 457 2835

Olivier Favre

Chef de division - Directeur
Swiss National Accident Insurance Fund (SUVA)
Sécurité au travail Suisse romande
Sécurité au travail Suisse romande Avenue de la Gare 23
1003 Lausanne

+41 21 310 80 37

https://www.suva.ch" target="_blank">https://www.suva.ch

Dr. Luke Anthony Fiorini

Lecturer at Centre for Labour Studies Course Coordinator, Bachelor in Occupational Health and Safety (Hons)
University of Malta
Centre for Labour Studies
Humanities B FEMA Building Room 201

+362 2340 3766

http://www.um.edu.mt/cls" target="_blank">http://www.um.edu.mt/cls

Frosina Gjino

Albanian Occupational Safety and Health Centre (AOSHC)

+355 67 44 00 299

Régine Grept

Cheffe de secteur
SUVA (Swiss National Accident Insurance Fund)
Sécurité au travail Suisse romande
Avenue de la Gare 23
1003 Lausanne

+41 21 310 80 32

https://www.suva.ch" target="_blank">https://www.suva.ch

Prof. Janis Ievins

Riga Technical University
1 Kalku Street
1658 Riga

+371 29272394
+371 67089097

https://www.rtu.lv/en" target="_blank">https://www.rtu.lv/en

Shamusideen Kadiri

Principal Consultant
Zub Chord Technical Ventures (Occupational Safety and Health Consultants)
5, Ijaiye Street Papa Ashafa Agege
102212 Lagos

+234 8023395118

Ljupcho Kochovski

Foundation Center for Safety and Health at Work (FCBZR)
10th km Tsarigradsko shose Blvd
1000 Sofia

+359 2 904 66 39

https://www.fcbzr.org" target="_blank">https://www.fcbzr.org

Lucie Kocůrková

Academic Staff - Lecturer for OSH
VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava Faculty of Safety Engineering
Faculty of Safety Engineering
Lumirova 630/13
700 30 Ostrava-Výškovice

+420 597 321 111
+420 597 322 980

http://www.fbi.vsb.cz/en" target="_blank">http://www.fbi.vsb.cz/en

Dr. LLM Vinka Longin Peš

Head of the Project Department
Croatian Health Insurance Fund (CHIF)
Division for Health Protection at Work
Margaretska 1
10000 Zagreb

+385 1 6387 522
+385 091 2550 738
+385 1 6387 524

https://hzzo.hr/en" target="_blank">https://hzzo.hr/en

Dr. Nuria Mancebo

Campus de Montilivi Universitat de Girona
Oficina de Salut Laboral
Campus de Montilivi - mòdul 22 c. Maria Aurèlia Capmany, 63-65
17003 Girona

+34 972418410

https://www.udg.edu/en/salutlaboral" target="_blank">https://www.udg.edu/en/salutlaboral


Ali Raza Memon

Director General - PSC
Pakistan Safety Council (PSC)
Occupational Safety & Health Organization
PSC House: A / 9-E P.E.C.H.S Block-6 main nursery
75400 Karachi

+92 3100077713

http://www.psc.org.pk/" target="_blank">http://www.psc.org.pk/

Prof. Konstantin Nemchenko

Dean of the Department of Energy and Physics
V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University
Department of bachelor, master, specialist degree training and post-graduate training
Svobody Sq. 4
61022 Kharkiv

+380 57 707-51-38
+380 57 705-12-49

https://www.univer.kharkov.ua/en" target="_blank">https://www.univer.kharkov.ua/en

Prof. Alfredo Soeiro
Dr. Paul Swuste

Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) - Safety Science Group
Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management
Jaffalaan 5
NL-2628 BX Delft

https://www.tbm.tudelft.nl" target="_blank">https://www.tbm.tudelft.nl

United Kingdom
Lorna Taylor

Director and Founder
Jolly Back
17 Laurel Crescent Smalley
DE7 6EJ Derbyshire

+44 1157140055

https://www.jollyback.com" target="_blank">https://www.jollyback.com

Susanne Ulk

Consultant Education and Training in Occupational Safety and Health
Enghavegårdsvej 4
4690 Haslev

+45 88134141
+45 2763 4743

Selçuk Yasar

Head of International Collaborations Unit
Ministry of Labour and Social Security
Directorate General of Occupational Safety and Health
Emek Mahallesi 17. Cadde No: 13
6520 Emek Ankara

+90 (312) 296 7611
+90 (507) 660 78 42

https://www.csgb.gov.tr/isggm" target="_blank">https://www.csgb.gov.tr/isggm

Personal E-Mail: syselcukyasar@gmail.com
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/syselcukyasar06/

Masego Zulu-Lekgowe

S.H.E Masters
Unit 13 Finance Park


http://www.she-masters.com" target="_blank">http://www.she-masters.com

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WhatsApp: +26772784597
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