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How to prove good practice?

Criteria for good practice examples

The good practice examples (GPE) for the integration of safety and health into education should fulfill five of the following criteria at a minimum:

  1. The measures are integrated into a pedagogical concept.
  2. The objectives of the measures are specific, measurable, attractive, realistic and timed (SMART).
  3. The measures refer to an educational standard (e.g. “The National Healthy School Standard”, UK).
  4. The measures relate to a safe working and/or learning environment.
  5. The measures are implemented together with the education side (e.g. in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, regional or local school authorities, participating schools, universities or training institutes).
  6. For the implementation of the measures, cooperation with other actors (e.g. municipal organisations, health organisations, social partners, associations) takes place.
  7. For the implementation of the measures within the education system, several levels of the education and/or training institution are involved (for example, pupil/participant; class/course; local or regional authorities of the education, OSH and/or PH system).
  8. The transfer of the measures is supported by sufficient and appropriate resources (e.g. further education and training of teachers, school administrators and trainers).
  9. The measures have been evaluated or systematic feedback exists.
  10. The sustainability of the measures is ensured through a holistic prevention approach (e.g. whole school approach) and development that encompasses the entire organisation.
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