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Dementia is a word used to describe a set of symptoms that affects a person’s memory and cognition or thinking, such as in the area of their language or problem-solving abilities. Initially, this may be small issues like forgetting the odd word or having to spend a few moments to try to remember what you were about to do. However, over time, they develop into more significant and disabling problems.

Health-promoting leadership training in day-care centres.

Complete administrative tasks faster and easier. Reduce workload and achieve more time with the children.

No education without health: On site advisement in the BGWmobil truck on the subject of safety and health

This mixed methods research (MMR) study explored older employees’ experiences of chronic musculoskeletal disorders (CMSDs) in relation to their employment, their perspectives on managing these conditions in the workplace and the strategies used to facilitate and maintain their roles and responsibilities. The services offered to them were also identified.

With the help of staff, the intervention creates a work environment designed to be compatible with an ageing workforce, taking into account employees’ needs and abilities in different stages of their lives.

Resources and motivation for the second half of your career.

BGN – Statutory Accident Insurance for the food and restaurant business Germany

Working in the hospitality industry is marked by a high degree of emotional work. Handling guests, their complaints and special wishes requires good nerves and often brings about stress, time pressure and hectic.

Healthy Workplaces for all Ages

Throughout Europe, the proportion of older people in the population is growing, people have to work longer, and the average age of workers is increasing.

lebenslang gesund arbeiten

For this project, the German Gesellschaft für Arbeitsschutz- und Humanisierungsforschung (Association for Occupational Safety and Human Research) cooperated with with five companies in the electronics, mechanical engineering and plant engineering industries, all showing high innovation dynamics.

To be prepared to face the problems associated with the demographic change, the First Bank in Austria launched the program LIFETIME. LIFETIME aimed to create age-appropriate working and development conditions for all employees in order to secure long term job satisfaction and motivation.

ADDing quality to LIFE through inter-generational learning via universities. The project was supposed to give learners in five countries the opportunity to participate in the piloting of the modules and to become promoters and facilitators/mentors for the participation of other people.

At the University of Vienna, a unique Research Platform has been established between the Faculty of Life Sciences and the Center of Sport Science and University Sports, in order to focus on research on ageing and lifestyle activities at cellular and molecular levels, which should also include educational training of graduate students embedded in a multidisciplinary research cluster.

Active aging is about more than physical activity. Active aging also means being involved in your community and making healthy lifestyle choices. Staying active as you age can help you be healthier, happier, and more independent.

This programme, developed by EXPERTIS, Prague, was supposed to help elder employees to deal with changes in their life and work environment. This programme has different target groups ...

Activities of Association Ženy 50 (Women 50+) are focused on promoting equal opportunities and elimination of gender stereotypes. The target group are women over 50 years and older; however it is open for all.

European workers are ageing. By 2030, workers aged over 55 are expected to make up 30% or more of the total workforce in many EU countries. This creates challenges for employees, employers and businesses.

Länsilinjat Oy is a privately owned bus company, which was founded in 1939 when five bus companies merged. The high average age of the workers in Länsilinjat Oy was a particular concern of company.

Co-funded by the Europe Social Fund, FIFTI is an online system in French providing a number of tools to help optimize people's careers after the age of 45. It provides specific information, guidance and support to both employers and workers aged 45+ on a range of topics: skills; training; well-being; preparing for retirement; motivation; workplace risks; and dialogue between employers and employees.

With this project it was possible to improve the personal health behaviour of the employees, especially older workers. ...

Workplace health promotion is an important element of corporate social policy: it helps employees, for their own health to take action to improve working conditions and thus provides more motivation in the company.

The transition from work to retirement challenges employees aged 50 and over and their employers. The BaS advises small and medium-sized companies, public administrations and social-economic companies in structuring the transition.

An EU-financed project in the Baltic Sea Region running 2010-2012. Its aim is to show how we can benefit from increased economic activity of older people. YouTube channel with videos and Facebook profile of the Best Agers project.

Hazenberg Bouw, one of about 120 construction companies that make up TBI Holding, is situated in Vught, a small town in the south of the Netherlands. Older workers are usually spared physically demanding work by means of flexible working patterns, job design, and health and well-being measures.

Healthy Ageing is a project co-funded by the European Commission. The aim of the project is to promote healthy ageing in later life stages (50+). Healthy Ageing is the process of optimising equal opportunities for health to enable older people to take an active part in society.

A Suffolk County Council led consortium - including partners from Spain, Denmark, Germany and Italy - has been awarded from the EU's PROGRESS Programme to improve understanding of how best to help 45 - 65 year older people maintain their good health.

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