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Corona / pandemics

Accident Insurance North Rhine-Westphalia

On this website, run by the Accident Insurance North Rhine-Westphalia, children, pupils and other visitors can click through a unique virtual model of a kindergarten and find out where there are risks and how to prevent accidents and be aware of …

With the spread of the covid-19, countries are implementing emergency plans to slow down and limit the spread of the virus – and prepare for a possible longer term disruption of school and university attendance.

TPR stands for Total Physical Response. It's a way of helping students learn a language through physical actions. These actions can be done in small environments, either at home or in class.

A short film about the importance of ventilation in schools, not just for Covid, but for education more widely.

This document highlights best practice pre COVID-19 and provides new information concerning what is a rapidly evolving situation. It was informed by a review of research, evidence-informed resources and tools offered by professional bodies, and a …

Investigating safety & health in pre- and primary schools

In the interests of a sustainable anchoring of the prevention concept, it is important to sensitize children to safety and health issues in a vivid way.

Ireland’s youth information website

A project to empower young people throughout Ireland ...

This website offers information on many different hazards at work, training courses on various topics, frequently asked questions and the possibility to ask questions.

A guide for hygiene in schools.

In Health and Physical Education, students develop the skills, knowledge, and understanding to strengthen their sense of self, and build and manage satisfying, respectful relationships.

The Vienna Ombuds Office for Environmental Protection — in collaboration with international and national experts developed the Viennese Database of Disinfectants, WIDES.

The COVID-19 pandemic has seminally changed the way that education systems within Canada function. Now, with schools moving to re-open, we know that it will not simply be a return to learning as it was.

The educational objective of the Elementary school Veronské náměstí is to teach children to get to know, understand, comprehend, make themselves understood, decide and act. The school adopted the school Education Programme for Elementary Education.

The Coronavirus pandemic has serious implications for the workplace, for workers and for businesses. Napo wants to help. However, it is difficult to present all the prevention measures in a short film, so Napo focuses on a common risk - contamination …

The coordination group for biological agents (KOBAS) of the DGUV has updated and continued the 10 tips for operational pandemic planning. This leaflet provides information on what needs to be determined and initiated in companies if a pathogen …

A program for physical exercises for school children to keep them active and healthy.

A modular training programme available in many different languages containing occupational safety and health management in an enterprise ...

The COVID 19 pandemic has disrupted education around the world. As the first shock passes, planning is taking place on two timescales: the short-term challenges in the return to school, and the challenges over the next 18-24 months as systems work to …

The WASH in schools Network (UNICEF, GIZ, Save the Children, WATERAID; Emory, LSHTM, among others) has compiled this knowledge map with links to relevant materials about COVID-19 for learners, their families and the education system.

A WHO webpage with questions and answers on schools and COVID-19.

OiRA – Online interactive Risk Assessment – is a web platform that enables the creation of sectoral risk assessment tools in any language in an easy and standardised way.

The sudden increase in teleworking from home during the COVID-19 pandemic has put workers at greater risk of musculoskeletal disorders and mental health problems. A new report looks at these risks, the benefits and problems arising from teleworking, …

Napo wants to ensure that everyone can work at home productively, and as safely and healthily as possible. With the support of the Boss and co-worker Napette, Napo has some good advice, and says: "Stop the pandemic, work at home… and work safely!"

Series of learning resources for participants on ‘Skills for Work’ courses. ‘Steps to Safety’ caters for participants with English language needs and those with very low literacy skills.

A fact sheet by INAIL, offering information for pupils and students on COVID-19 and ergonomics.

International Journal of Occupational Safety and Health (IJOSH) is an international peer reviewed journal covering occupational health, safety and health.

The title of the course is "school safety and hygiene" and is taught in the first and second years of study ...

This package is supposed to make it easier for lecturers to teach interdisciplinary knowledge about safety, ergonomics and hygiene. The package contains eight modules with lessons, guidebooks and excercises.

A short video to help pupils and student coping with hygiene to prevent COVID-19 infections after the end of Corona lockdown. Available in German, Spanish and French

The national education union (NEU) is working to help ensure the health and safety of their members, their families and schools to continue to face the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ten points on how to protect staff mental health during the Covid-19 crisis. Information and resources on the topic.

A helpful article about remote work and mental health, with information for remote workers in time of pandemic and useful tips for mental health and healthy behavior.

As a teacher who teaches young people in the various nursing professions, you do invaluable preventive work every day for the professionals of tomorrow. Many work-related dangers and illnesses affecting nursing staff can be prevented at an early …

Poster aimed at helping to keep classrooms well ventilated to promote learning and help limit Covid-19 spread

Schools for help in Europe provides more than 60 practical examples of health promotion in education from various European countries.

Digitalisation is no longer new and it continues its evolution throughout industry. Employers are continuously working on minimising challenges and risks that digitalisation at the workplace causes. Digital technologies, that already complement human …

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