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Promotion of mental health through education

Originally from Australia, MindMatters is a school based programme for the promotion of mental health in secondary schools ...

Källby Gård is a comprehensive school with children from 1 to 12 years old.

Hands-on design of spaces – building with clay for all, big and small

With its "hands-on design of spaces" scheme, Bunte Kuh e.V. regularly conducts different architectural projects using clay, water and fire in problem districts and in education facilities.

This website offers information on many different hazards at work, training courses on various topics, frequently asked questions and the possibility to ask questions.

Safety 4 Kids is a non-profit organisation designed to help kids make better decisions about their personal safety. The campaign website covers several topics, such as road safety, bullying, pool safety, internet safety, and more.

Preventing Workplace Violence is a campaign developed by the WorkSafeBC (the Workers’ Compensation Board of B.C). It aims at providing employers and workers with tools to reduce workplace violence

This video weaves together personal testimonials from workers, supervisors, and business leaders with scenes from our bullying and harassment in construction series.

The first project on violence in schools focused on raising awareness to all ETUCE member organisations regarding violence at school which not only endangers pupils but all those working in the education system.

KiVa Koulu® is an anti-bullying action program developed at the University of Turku - according to research, one of the most effective. The objectives of the program are the prevention of bullying, the effective intervention of bullying situations …

„Fit for Life“ is an evaluated programme carried out by well-trained trainers. It aims at violence prevention by supporting and developing social- and life competence. Emotional- cognitive abilities and social capabilities are trained.

The website www.hast-du-stress.de of the Criminal Prevention Association in Flensburg, Germany, provided contact information of information centers in many cities all over Germany.

Papilio is an intervention programme which aims at preventing early onset conduct problems ...

HEALTH PROMOTION AND PREVENTION WITH CLASS2000 Healthy, strong and self-confident – ​​this is how children should grow up.

This project by The Municipal Accident Insurance Association, Communal Accident Kitty Lower Saxony, in association with State Office of Criminal Investigation Lower Saxony is a program for violence prevention for children day-care centres and …

OUTWARD BOUND offers schools, colleges and interested young people powerful learning experiences - outdoors. We focus on the educational objectives and develop mental needs with programmes that change lives, build teams and transform schools.

This program wants to introduce democratic principles to children, young people and adults. By the means of playful activities, a „qualitative idea of democracy“ is supposed to be aroused in the participants of several ages.

„Achtung Grenze (Mind the boundaries!) is a project by the German Child Protection Agency Nuremberg for pupils from the 1st to the 9th grade. Project classes get lessons for about 17 hours.

“Eigenständig werden” is a school-based programme for the development of life-skills, health promotion, prevention of substance abuse and aggression. Many studies have shown that the prevention of e.

This program for pupils aged 10 – 13 years is designed as a de-escalation training and aims at decreasing „everyday violence“. This and „small“ beastlinesses can sometimes cause bigger violence.

The POLTRAIN team offers a training for de-escalation of violence and racism. The participants learn to perceive their own acting in a different way, to examine and correct it.

„Respekt“ is an initiative originally located in Ludwigsburg. It aims at violence prevention at school. A resource- and solution- oriented prevention concept suitable for all forms of violence (beating, threatening, bullying, vandalism, racism, …

This program wants to enhance ethical thinking and acting by using theater work. Leading idea is „peer education“. An „action team“ consisting of eight young people of different nationalities performs little theater- scenes directly in class rooms.

The violence prevention program „Echt stark“ was developed by Daniela Kreh and Jens Richter in 2002 and has been enhanced since then. Originally, it was a program for children and young people who are left alone with violence and boundlessness.

„Of course I am strong!“ is an interactive scene collage that is performed in schools to prevent different forms of addiction and for violence prevention.

This project is suitable for children and young pupils. The pupils are sensitised for the topics violence and racism. They try non-violent conflict handling and learn how to treat each other with respect.

This prevention program offers methods for achieving the right of pupils and teachers as well. They are supposed to work together with respect and learn how to deal with conflicts without violence.

„Fairplayer e.V.“ and „Fairplayer.manual“ (established 2003) are long term programmes aiming at developing pro-social behaviour, respect for each other, moral courage and social competence ...

A prevention programme for promoting the class atmosphere in primary schools.

Online bullying can become a serious burden for young people. That's what the members of the klicksafe Youth Panel thought too and developed the cyberbullying first aid app. This has meanwhile won several international prizes ...

There are many resources and programs that are approved by the International Safe schools Committee to assist in fulfilling the Indicators for Safe schools.

The Fondazione Mondo Digitale is a partner of the new 24-MONTH European REC Programme Project GEM - Gender Equality Matters: Tackling Gender-based Violence".

This Centre for school and Safety gives current and practical information through their website, www.schoolenveiligheid.nl.

The "school without Violence" social program was conducted in Polish schools in 2006-2013 by 18 regional dailies of Polska Press Grupa (until 2015: Polskapresse and Media Regionalne) and the Orange Foundation (formerly TP Group Foundation).

The Cronus camp is a violence prevention camp organized by experienced experts for the Kanton Zug. On the basis of respect for each others, the children get to know several martial arts techniques.

Anti-bullying resource pack for schools, youth clubs and community groups to help tackle bullying in fun and engaging and informative ways.

In the United Kingdom, a reported 22% of children and young people claim to have been the target of cyberbullying making this one of the most important new areas of behaviour to understand and to equip schools, carers and young people with the …

Childnet’s mission is to work in partnership with others around the world to help make the internet a great and safe place for children. The network works directly with children and young people from the ages of 3 to 18 on a weekly basis, as well as …

Awareness raising activities and workshops are run during the school year to support students understanding and management of potentially unsafe or concerning situations including bullying, Internet safety, domestic violence and many more.

This project offers information, advice training and school programmes to raise awareness on bullying, offer help and give advice.

A couple of websites that offer information, advice and help in case of bullying or cyber-bullying, for different age groups: 4-7, 8-10, 11-13, 14 years or 15-18 years. ThinkUnited Kingdomnow is the education programme from NCA-CEOP, a United Kingdom …

The Olweus Bullying Prevention Program is designed to improve peer relations and make schools safer, more positive places for students to learn and develop.

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