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and Tabuleiro SST - two OSH Apps from Brazil

Students of the Faculty for Mechanical Production Engineering at UFPB (Federal University of Paraíba) in Brazil developed these quiz game apps ...

visual systems designed for active environments

Lü produces state of the art audio visual systems designed for active environments. Lü systems include a projector, a movement detection camera and a light and sound module to create magical immersive spaces where kids learn better through physical …

a national action programme

Finnish Schools on the Move is a national action programme aiming to establish a physically active culture in Finnish comprehensive schools.

Child Safety in Nigeria

The Safety Chic is a project in Nigeria, focusing on creating unique safety education products for African children and educators in order to intentionally groom safety conscious children.

A free online resource

As new technology continues to offer us lots of amazing devices that do incredible things, our understanding of what their long-term use can do to our bodies has failed to keep pace.

Investigating safety & health in pre- and primary schools

In the interests of a sustainable anchoring of the prevention concept, it is important to sensitize children to safety and health issues in a vivid way.

Pilot project by the HSA

The Irish Health and Safety Authority (HSA) launched a pilot project in post-primary schools in the south-east and west of the country in September 2007. ‘Choose Safety’ is a teaching and learning resource pack for post- junior certificate students.

Promotion of mental health through education

Originally from Australia, MindMatters is a school based programme for the promotion of mental health in secondary schools ...

Children creating their own “Munching garden”

The "Naschgarten" (Munching garden) at Holzminden is a local prevention project for more nature experience ...

A School of the Third Millennium

The school focuses on teaching foreign languages, information and communication technologies and healthy lifestyle.

A comic character for safety and health

Upsi is a comic character, created by the Accident Insurance Berlin ...

School development award

The school development award „Good healthy school“ is an initiative of the Statutory accident insurance for the public sector in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Road safety for children

"Molli and Walli" is an interactive and animated website for kids, containing quizzes, puzzles, a Jump 'n' Run game and much information about road safety for children.

Introducing safety and health in education: Study resources for teachers

Using the ever-popular Napo character, EU-OSHA, the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, together with the Napo Consortium has devised a series of occupational safety and health (OSH) education toolkits for teachers ...

Helping to make a good and healthy school

The design and furnishing of classrooms are important factors for successful learning and teaching ...

Primary Prevention of Children Injuries

KIDMAP from Czech Republic is a voluntary group of experts at the children’s world, without legal personality.

a board game by Ikeja Electric, Nigeria

Ikeja Electric Plc (IE), Nigeria’s largest electricity distribution company, has taken its safety enlightenment campaign a notch higher ...

Master Trust

Güven Usta ("Master Trust") is a comic character, designed and produced by Murat Çokal for the Turkish Ministry of Labour and Social Security.

Accident Insurance North Rhine-Westphalia

On this website, originally run by the Accident Insurance North Rhine-Westphalia, children, pupils and other visitors can click through a unique virtual model of a school or a kindergarten.

Ar and Mi is a project from Denmark featuring two trolls, who are supposed to help teachers to teach about Safety and Health.

Improve the mental health and wellbeing of children

KidsMatter aims to improve the mental health and wellbeing of children, reduce mental health problems amongst children, and achieve greater support for children ...

LOcHER is an approach for students and apprentices to identify health and safety risks in their area of study ...

A Project by the Government of Castilla y León

The “¡ A salvo!” (Safe!) campaign directed at primary education students aged from 6 to 12 years in all schools in Castilla y León and was developed to increase the children's awareness and attention to safety.

An interactive Platform from Greece

The e-Drive Academy is an innovative educational Internet Platform for Safe, Smart, Ecological Transportation and Driving.

Youth Employment Educational Outreach Game

Paying Attention Pays is a fun, innovative, interactive, educational and rewarding game ...

In April 2005, the primary school Zachar Kroměřiž in the Czech Republic was announced International Safe School. The programme International Safe Schools is a part of larger movement the World Health Organisation Safe Community movement, formally …

Källby Gård is a comprehensive school with children from 1 to 12 years old.

Registered Foundation for Listening by HR and BR

“Safe School with PZU” is organized under the patronage of the Ministry of National Education and Sport, National Road Safety Council (NRSC), Main Police Command, and Onet.pl.Experts from those institutions worked out materials which would be easy to …

Health and Safety Courses, Training, Health and Safety Audits

This website by the British Safety Council offers lots of information and resources for young people and employers ...

Material for study and teaching for schools

Hearing Health provides material for teachers in compulsory schools to enhance the knowledge of their pupils about noise, their sound environment and about the protection of hearing damage.

The Independant Institute for environmental questions (UfU) in Berlins offers a a collection of materials about "Noise and Listening", which will be available for all teachers in Berlin.

for teachers in social and health care training programmes

The Ambassador Network is a programme in social and health care vocational schools to support the teaching of OSH and coach teachers in this area.

This project of the construction supervision council of the canton Zurich wants to sensitize pupils and give them knowledge about noise.

Preventing Injuries. Saving Lives.

arachute is a Canadian national, charitable organization dedicated to preventing injuries and saving lives. Parachute offers many programs across Canada that are designed to help people reduce their risks of injury while enjoying long lives lived to …

Hands-on design of spaces – building with clay for all, big and small

With its "hands-on design of spaces" scheme, Bunte Kuh e.V. regularly conducts different architectural projects using clay, water and fire in problem districts and in education facilities.

A bird as a symbol for childrens´safety campaigns

Pellekaija Pum is an exotic and rare bird. It is distantly related to a parrot. Pellekaija Pum is bumbling around in all kinds of dangerous situations and the children must give him advice so that he will not hurt himself.

Knowing about dangers at school, home and in the workplace

The school, being the authority in charge of education par excellence, shall take the burden for the education to the Civil Protection, which is a pivotal aspect in personal education.

TV programme by Rai Educational and Ispesl

Can children and teenagers discriminate safe from dangerous behaviours? 'Mister Help' is the title of a TV programme by Rai Educational and Ispesl (National Institute of Occupational Safety and Prevention).

Increasing the awareness of occupational health and safety in young persons and decreasing the number of occupational accidents ...

The 12 months Certificate in Community Based Work with Children and Youth is offered from the Department of Community Development, Psycho-social and Behavioral Sciences. The aim of this programme is to enhance effectiveness in working with children …

A project giving information on the impact of noise for learning and how to sensitize students for the problem and improve learning environments by understanding noise and acoustics.

The besslab is a scientific institution at the University of Paderborn that aims to provide well-founded support for exercise, games and sports in everyday life for children and young people.

A selection of examples of practice in health promoting schools in different countries.

In the scope of the project “Make your school”, which is supposed to give students digital skills, this video is a tutorial on how to build a “Noise traffic light” to avoid noise pollution in the classroom and make the learning environment healthier.

Using the ever-popular Napo character, EU-OSHA (the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work), together with the Napo Consortium, has devised a series of occupational safety and health (OSH) lessons for teachers, aimed at introducing safety and …

Brochures and learning materials for kids on the topic “How to deal with fire”.

Website with a large amount of material for safety and wellbeing of students, teaching tools and materials for teachers.

Poster aimed at helping to keep classrooms well ventilated to promote learning and help limit Covid-19 spread

A short film about the importance of ventilation in schools, not just for Covid, but for education more widely.

Every year, approximately 4,000 Saskatchewan workers under the age of 25 are injured on the job. Three young workers die annually in a workplace incident. WorkSafe Sakatchewan initiated a video contest for high school students grade 9 – 12 to create …

What is the impact of digitalization or automation on people, on the way we learn at educational institutions and live together in society? And what will our future workplaces look like? People will have to focus on tasks that cannot be automated …

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