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asbestos awareness e-learning course

The European Federation of Building and Woodworkers (EFBWW) was partner in a Lifelong Learning Project “Making the EU AsBestos Clean (ABClean) to create an e-learning course offer together with training providers and institutes for occupational …

This website offers information on many different hazards at work, training courses on various topics, frequently asked questions and the possibility to ask questions.

This video describes the history of asbestos, from its origins as a "miracle" material to its threat to worker health and safety.

The EFBWW is the frontrunner in protecting workers from asbestos.All workers who could get in contact with asbestos must receive all information, training, and the proper protective gear.

A paper with lots of information on Asbestos, ist production and ist impact on the huma organism. Ecological Movement "BIOM" is a public non-profit organization established in 1993, uniting on a voluntary basis young professionals, scientists and …

Special website run by HSE providing information on asbestos and asbestos- related risks and dangers. The website contains information, brochures, videos and more. Whats is asbestos? Where can it be found? What is the danger? How should I handle it? …

This 45 minute interactive lesson with supporting activities and materials is aimed primarily at trades apprentices in the 16 - 19 age group, for delivery by college lecturers and other vocational education providers.

This website by HSE offers a variety of information and material related to abestos – guidelines, regulations, information on inspection initiatives and a checklist.

treatmesothelioma.org is a website containing information on Asbestos, Mesothelioma, treatments, medical help and further information on the topic. The site offers videos, a handbook, a community, and more.

The Mesothelioma Justice Network was established to be the leading online resource for victims of asbestos exposure.

A campaign for veterans of the U.S Army suffering from Mesothelioma after Asbestos exposure.

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