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Transforming Education Summit

Five Thematic Action Tracks highlight the priority issues for education.
Action Track 1 deals with "Inclusive, equitable, safe and healthy schools". Education is in crisis. High rates of poverty, exclusion and gender inequality continue to hold millions back from learning. Moreover, COVID-19 further exposed the inequities in education access and quality, and violence, armed conflict, disasters and reversal of women’s rights have increased insecurity. Inclusive, transformative education must ensure that all learners have unhindered access to and participation in education, that they are safe and healthy, free from violence and discrimination, and are supported with comprehensive care services within school settings. Transforming education requires a significant increase in investment in quality education, a strong foundation in comprehensive early childhood development and education, and must be underpinned by strong political commitment, sound planning, and a robust evidence base.

Action Track 2 is about "Learning and skills for life, work and sustainable development", Action Track 3 deals with "Teachers, teaching and the teaching profession", Action Track 4 covers the topic "Digital learning and transformation", and Action Track 5 is about "Financing of education".

Transforming Education Summit: 19 September 2022 – Leaders Day and 16-17 September 2022 – Mobilization and Solutions Days, United Nations, New York. More information on the event website.

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