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Strategies to promote good physical health in education

What is standard today for nutrition, tobacco, illegal drugs, violence and mental health does not yet apply to musculoskeletal disorders in childhood and adolescence. However, those who suffer from musculoskeletal pain in childhood or adolescence have an increased risk of having these problems in adulthood as well. Schools play an important role in preventing musculoskeletal disorders and promoting musculoskeletal health through their physical education and other physical activities. A strategic approach is needed to systematically integrate physical activity into the school system to promote learning and health.

Well-known school-oriented approaches such as the "good healthy school" approach promoted by ENETOSH and the health promoting school approach from the SHE network are available, but how do they reach schools and other educational institutions with MSDs? And how do these approaches fit with the social-ecological sustainability concept using the "whole-school-approach"?

The event will use critical questions to highlight differences and similarities between these approaches and identify opportunities for cooperation.

The event is aimed at representatives of EU-OSHA Focal points, staff of OSH organisations and public health institutions. The participation of representatives from the education sector is explicitly encouraged.

With this event, ENETOSH contributes to the priority area "MSDs and future generations" of the EU-OSHA campaign "Lighten the load" 2020-22.

Current information on the IAG website in German and English.

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