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Statement from ENETOSH

Stone in Unkrainian colors with "Peace" written on it

Military aggression against Ukraine

ENETOSH stands for open dialogue in the global community of occupational safety and health, education and training, and public health. ENETOSH promotes education as a human right in line with the European Pillar of Social Rights. In war, ENETOSH's goal of promoting safety, health and well-being in and through education loses value. Vulnerable groups in particular, such as children, youth, women, the elderly and the disabled, face existential threats.

ENETOSH will step up its efforts to integrate safety, health and well-being into the Ukrainian education system after the end of the war, thus contributing to the reconstruction and promotion of the quality of education and training in Ukraine.

We explicitly emphasise that our ban is not directed against our Russian colleagues as individuals, but should be understood as a condemnation of the military action of the Russian government.

We hope that the military action will end soon and that we can resume the so important cooperation with our Ukrainian and Russian partners.

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