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The first week of this training was on Basics of Health and Safety Management, the second week was focused on Basic First Aid and CPS and the final week was centred on Hazard Identification, Control and Risk Assessment. This was an absolutely brilliant session to end the program as a transition from Basic First Aid and CPR as covered a week before.

The training started with about 84 participants but 42 of them completed the program and were issued certificate of completion each on "Foundation to Health and Safety Management". The greatest joy was to see them all display their certificates in excitement (see photo). Thanks to team CELSIR and members of OSHversity Training and Development Company team for the sacrifices funding for this great work. Also to Yetunde Faloye Adeola, Engr. Khalid Agboola and Alfred Eguabor who volunteered in this project.

The program ended with about 7 participants decorated as Health & Safety Response Marshals who were left with a mandate to lead and coordinate all health and safety activities within the centre in association with the centre officials who were also trained alongside.

More information on the OHSM blog.

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