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Dr. Mohamed Fathy Hanan Elnagdy, Ministry of Manpower and Migration

Hanan M. F. M. M. Elnagdy, Occupational safety and Health specialist since 2006, has a masters’s degree in Green chemistry application (Egypt), and a master’s degree in Occupational safety and health (Italy). Lately, she has been working on her PhD in green chemistry in Dibrugarh University, India. Through her work in OSH field, she adapted a lot of research to improve the level of OSH in SMEs in Egypt, in addition, her work in the Ministry of Manpower, Egypt, as inspector and researcher. She has involved with a group of researchers in Assam, India to improve the OSH and hygiene among Tea plantation workers in particular women workers. As a member of four ladies experts in OSH filed from four different countries, they challenge together to enhance the level of OSH in MSM enterprises in their countries. Last working project was on the OSH culture among women in SMEs formal and informal sectors. She adapted a intervention teaching study published in the book about Safety and Health Competences edited by Bollmann/Boustras in 2020.


Dr. Mohamed Fathy Hanan Elnagdy
Ministry of Manpower and Migration

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