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The challenge was to develop a product that could be used in the classroom along the lines of the drama. Partnership working between The Humber EBLO and Impact had led to the production of the drama and together, the East Riding of Yorkshire Council decided to take it a step further and produce a DVD ‘Health and Safety on Work Experience’. The East Riding of Yorkshire Council used the intelligence gained from the investigations and audits to inform the scenes and Impact delivered a script in their unique style. They also recruited convincing actors and shot the footage in real workplaces. The scenes are credible, yet amusing. The fun and engaging DVD is accompanied by a resource pack of classroom activities designed for non-specialist teachers to deliver. The DVD contains four discrete scenes, each lasting about 10 minutes. It can be watched from beginning to end in half an hour, but the optimum use is in four half-hour blocks with the resource pack.

Level of Education: Preschool, School, Initial vocational education and training

Lead Organisation: East Riding of Yorkshire Council / Education Business Link Organisation / Impact Drama

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