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Initiative made under the context of UK OSH strategy to include risk education in education at all levels and to raise awareness of OSH in key professions such as medical staff sensitivity to competing demands on the undergraduate syllabus and that the medical schools would not accept a prescriptive approach but could welcome outcome-based guidance. - involving occupational health physicians and safety managers working in the medical schools, finding some sympathetic doctors and some good practice examples taking opportunities: acting when GMC were planning revisions to ‘Tomorrow’s Doctors’; linking to the Government initiative on clinical risk management; and using young Doctors’ OSH concerns, for example, about stress, blood-borne diseases etc. making contact first with the Heads of Medical Schools first, to agree on the approach and to avoid problems or hostility from the outset. Then contact was made with the GMC Education Committee, involving the sympathetic doctors from the medical schools. An agreement by the GMC to add OSH objectives to ‘Tomorrow’s doctor’. A joint working group between HSAC and the Council for Medical Schools was set up to draft the objectives for GMC and to outline the guidance for medical schools. Developing the detailed guidance for Medical Schools (e.g. what are the common health risks?).

Level of Education: Continuing vocational education and training

Lead Organisation: Health and Safety Commission’s (HSC’s) Health Services Advisory Committee (HSAC)

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