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British Safety Council’s Speak Up, Stay Safe campaign aims to put young people and confident communication at the heart of good health and safety. In equipping young people with information and real-life examples, they will be better placed to raise health and safety concerns and contribute to how risks in the workplace are managed. The campaign targets those between 14-25 years old, and employers who work with young people. The website contains information for young people about their rights and responsibilities around health and safety; it explains what we mean by hazard, risk and reward; it has a Q&A and factsheets to download, both for young people and employers. It also contains films, showing the terrible consequences of a fatality for a mother, and offers tips in a cartoon format. Various methods are being used: - An online and mobile app game (The Missing: A Dangerous Truth) - A new, free online and mobile app game – The Missing: A Dangerous Truth – will bring many young people to the information contained in the Speak Up, Stay Safe website. For the online game: www.britsafe.org/speakupstaysafe/the-missing For iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users: http://tinyurl.com/brta6n7 For Android users: http://tinyurl.com/d7ce5q4

Level of Education: Initial vocational education and training

Lead Organisation: British Safety Council

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