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The program, whose full name is "e-Schools: Complete informatization of school business processes and teaching processes for the purpose of creating digitally mature schools for the 21st century", began in March 2015 with a pilot project in which 151 Croatian schools participated. The pilot project "e-Schools: Establishment of a system for the development of digitally mature schools" was implemented until the end of August 2018. The main result of the pilot project is an increase in the level of digital maturity of 10 percent of Croatian primary and secondary schools.
Based on the experiences and results of the pilot, in September 2018, CARNET started implementing the second phase of the program "e-Schools: Development of a system of digitally mature schools (Phase II)" worth HRK 1.3 billion. By October 2023, the decision of the Ministry of Science and Education will digitally transform teaching and business processes in all schools in the Republic of Croatia financed from the state budget.
The general goal of the e-School program contributes to strengthening the capacity of the primary and secondary education system with the aim of training students for the labor market, further education and lifelong learning.

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Lead Organisation: e-Skole

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