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The CSP Programme of Work for 2013 focuses on a number of key issues including Design and Procurement, Small Contractors and Domestic Clients, Worker Engagement, Management Systems and Safety Training and Certification. The programme has been drafted following consultation with the main players representing all aspects of construction and so including employers, workers, Government, including the HSA and relevant professional bodies. The CSP, which is an alliance of the lead organisations involved in the construction industry, depends mainly on the input and resources of the member organisation to support its initiatives. The members meet in plenary session four times each year to consider emerging developments, agree strategy and plans and monitor progress. The CSP Core Management Group (CIF, ICTU, HSA and the Chairman) and the secretariat (HSA) provide the operational support. Website The 2012 Construction Safety Partnership plan concentrated on reaching small enterprises, where many accidents occur. A new safety management pack was developed for employers of 20 people or less, together with an online training tool. In 2012, a safety and health plan was developed that could be easily downloaded. CSP also continued with the Safety Innovation Award for small contractors and sub-contractors. Over the past decade the Partnership has been very successful in establishing voluntary site safety representatives at construction sites. Over 1,900 people have trained and qualified as safety representatives. In 2012, the site safety facilitation project continued and targeted sites where no appointment had been made. Around 320 construction site visits took place. In particular, smaller companies were assisted in appointing safety representatives. The partnership recognised that accidents involving mobile plant at construction sites, such as excavators or cranes, continued to feature heavily in accident statistics. An online tool for tracking the maintenance of lifting equipment was developed. The partnership decided that, in order to further improve safety culture, the behavioural issues of both workers and management needed to be addressed. Previous safety initiatives had relied on rules and legislation, but the partnership recognised that behavioural programmes needed to be developed. This project was commended for the Good Practice Award 2013 of The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA).

Level of Education: Continuing vocational education and training

Lead Organisation: Construction Safety Partnership

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