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Around a third of children and young people in Switzerland feel stressed (Pro Juventute Stress Study, 2021). Young people find school, work and studies in particular stressful (Juvenir study, 2015). The puberty phase is in itself a major challenge for young people and in high schools it clashes with the very high academic expectations and requirements (Spectra, June 2021).
Several studies also show that young people feel more psychologically stressed by the pandemic compared to adults (Covid-19 Social Monitor, 2021). The study by Pro Juventute, 2021, also shows that the attitude of teachers, the school climate and culture are highly related to stress levels.
It's all about this
The aim is for young people at high schools to have a healthy way of dealing with stress, to feel good and to support each other. They are supported so that they can develop health-promoting coping strategies during their school years, for the transition to university and later in life.

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Lead Organisation: RADIX

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