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STOEN's Safe Energy programme was launched by the STOEN RWE Foundation to address first grade students of primary schools. Accidents of electrocution still happen in Poland. Every public primary school in Warsaw may contact STOEN to become enrolled in the programme. Enrolment is completely free of charge. Total programme costs are covered by STOEN. The campaign will end in June 2006 and follow-up programmes may be held in the following years. Programme courses for 7-year-olds were developed by educators and adapted to the students' age-specific abilities. During a class of 45 minutes students learn about electricity and household devices powered by it. The actors teaching the classes present role-play scenes and encourage children to participate in competitions and games. After the classes children have an opportunity to look at a power service truck and meet STOEN's power technician. The students also receive comic strip books published especially for the campaign. The comic strip heroes, Volterek and Kontrolka, and STOEN's electrician take the readers through various situations in which electricity may pose a risk. The book, developed by educators, also contains puzzles and riddles which teach children how to safely handle electricity.

Level of Education: Preschool, School

Lead Organisation: STOEN RWE Foundation

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