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 Netherlands, Netherlands

"Split the risk is a programme that aims at young people. Awareness for risks is supposed to be strenthened by the type of media young people use - TV and internet. "Split the risk" is: A mini TV Format with 3 items in every episode: - Somebody who performs an extreme sport, with the necessary reflexes and skills - Somebody with a job requiring reflexes and skill - Somebody who was not sharp enough at a certain moment - The programmefeatures an interview and a film showing them in action, in situations requiring reflexes and skill. - The image freezes before the critical moment and the interview scans the possible consequences of this action as perceived by the interviewed. - Slow motion is applied to the split second when the risks are being evaluated. and An Internet Video game where - the player plays the title role - an impression of daily life is shown - distraction by words & symbols happens - the player has to remember the words - 6 levels can be played - the player can challenge his friends

Level of Education: Preschool, School, Initial vocational education and training

Lead Organisation: Consumer Safety Institute (CSI)

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