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The Health and Safety team and various departments, schools, and the Staff Training and Development Office within DIT are all consulted and provide input into the safety induction programme. In addition, the students’ union is consulted to ensure that the programme is relevant and interesting to students. One aspect of the programme that facilitates students’ buy-in during the induction process is the ‘Safe Sam’ cartoon. To ensure that the programme is successful, there is a strong focus on communication and consultation between the parties listed above, to ensure that in addition to DIT’s general health and safety policies and procedures, any specific health and safety information is provided. Further, good communication guarantees the smooth operation of the induction programme for the course providers, usually the Occupational Health Officers, and the course attendees. The process involves: running induction meetings scheduling induction timetables maintaining attendance lists and awarding certificates on (safety) courses. On those courses with a restricted number of places, the facilitators ask the course attendees to fill in course evaluation forms. The feedback on these forms allows the Health and Safety team to review the contents of the courses, and make any improvements that may be necessary to ensure the high quality of the courses and induction. The students and staff members of the Dublin Institute of Technology are provided with safety induction programmes in order to: promote risk awareness as an integral part of education promote a positive health and safety culture and to maintain professional standards improve safety behaviour and attitudes enhance open communication and consultation through education, guidance, advice, information and training.

Level of Education: Preschool, School, Continuing vocational education and training

Lead Organisation: Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT)

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