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SHNW is a transnational project presented by partners in Spain, Germany, Czech Republic, Greece and Romania that intends to transfer a innovative solutions to the problem of accidents at work faced by new employees of small enterprises and businesses in the industrial sector. In particular, this problem affects young trainees, young apprentices and manual workers accessing their first job in the sector, as they have no or very scarce knowledge of the risk entailed by the manipulation of machinery. It also affects the trainers training this collective of workers, who do not count with adapted and attractive training tools, often just a number of listed regulatory instructions. The Spanish promoter, UPTACYL, has elaborated a diagnosis of the situation in their area of intervention and has implemented since 2005 a training strategy based on products specifically designed for its associates. Training resources developed for the target group of new workers in the industrial sector will be compared in a first stage of the project with initiatives existing on the same topic in Czech Republic and Greece, developed by the members of the consortium, and with the state of the art in Romania and Germany, as basis for the transfer of innovative solutions. A selection of the training products and methods put in practice in compared experiences will allow identifying the more effective training resources to prevent occupational accidents. They will be adapted to an educational interactive game using audiovisual media based on the already existing materials and resources following two different approaches. One of the partners in Germany and a second partner in Spain will technically make the integration into the chosen format in all the languages of the consortium, with the support of the rest of the partners. The educational games will be tested in each country directly with representatives of the target group of industrial businesses and new workers. This validation stage will be implemented with a quality ensuring methodology based on national focus groups. It will measure the relevance of the each educational game with regard to the prevention habits intended to be enforced. Any eventual improvements needed, being detected during the validation phase, will be implemented.

Level of Education: Initial vocational education and training

Lead Organisation: UPTA Castilla y León

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