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In order to make the school safer and healthier, Vilnius Pilaites Secondary School is combining various preventive methods against offences, use of alcohol, tobacco and drugs, violence against peers and teachers, delinquency, and social help for children. The action aims at developing teachers’ and pupils’ understanding of social risk factors influencing their health and safety, promoting education and involvement of the school community in the preventive work, making the school safe and healthy for staff and pupils. The main persons directly responsible for the pupils’ health and safety at school are class teachers assigned to perform a tutorial work in these classes. A special team for preventive work at school (the School Team for Preventive Work) has been established in order to consolidate efforts of all stakeholders involved in this work. The main document regulating pupils’ behaviour at school is the Rules of Pupils’ Behaviour of the Vilnius Pilaites Secondary School revised and newly prepared by the School Team for Preventive Work in 2008. This document also serves as a basis for the team activity. The school is implementing various preventive projects: Programme of prevention of use of psychoactive substances Sight, Programme of children and youth socialization Elder Friend, Programme of children and youth socialization (summer vacation time) Strengthening Oneself by Knowing, Preventive programme Mentor, Olweus Bullying Prevention Programme. In 2009 pupils developed the Pupils Honor Code based on the school experience. The Code calls pupils to respect human being and human work, to fight against violence and bullying, to care for their own and other people’s safety and health, to respect laws, to protect nature etc. Every year the Vilnius Pilaites Secondary School arranges many events engaging not only pupils, teachers and parents but also other members of the society.

Level of Education: Preschool, School

Lead Organisation: Vilnius Pilaites Secondary School, Ministry of Education and Science, Vilnius Municipality, Centre of Social Assistance, Vilnius Pedagogic University, Lithuanian Children Line, SEB Bank, Chamber Lawin, Company Cilija, Local authorities and police

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