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The labour protection specialists provide introductory instructions to new employees including the students at practice on working procedures at the enterprise, labour protection requirements, hazardous and dangerous working environment risk factors, general sanitary and hygiene requirements, usage of collective and individual protective means, electrical safety, action in emergency or conflagration case. Special attention is being paid to the young people as many of them lack previous work experience. Reminder, describing the general requirements in the field of occupational safety and environment protection, is being handed out to each employee . After the introductory instructing, an employee with the prior order of the head of particular structural unit is being appointed for theoretical and practical training to the particular unit where experienced employees are working. During three months the new employee is acquiring the necessary knowledge and practical skills, needed at work with technological equipment, at the leadership of experienced colleagues, by observing the labour protection requirements at the particular work place. At the end of the study course an employee has to pass the test. Commission, in which the head of the particular structural unit, technologist, specialist of good practice, labour protection specialist and a trustee participate, check the ability of an employee to perform the work independently. During the test commission verifies how well an employee has acquired the knowledge in his/her speciality and in the field of labour protection.

Level of Education: Preschool, School, Initial vocational education and training

Lead Organisation: Holding company „Grindeks”

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