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Malta’s Directorate for Educational Services includes a Health and Safety Unit, covering risk education and safety management in schools External, peripatetic health and safety teachers are appointed to cover all primary and secondary-level schools. The main roles of health and safety teachers are to promote health and safety at school by teaching, to organise related activities and to assist the head teachers to make their schools as safe as possible. Apart from teaching Years 4, 5, and 6 in the primary sector, the peripatetic health and safety teachers have laid emphasis on the upgrading of fire-fighting equipment and fire alarm systems. Evacuation drills have been planned and carried out in all schools in Malta and Gozo. Educational programmes include one on basic hygiene (with particular reference to AH1N1) for primary schools In the secondary and post-secondary sector activities include safety audits, upgrading of fire-fighting facilities and fire alarm systems. Safety weeks, talks by the Malta Red Cross Society and seminars are also organised. Evacuation drills are planned and carried out. The ongoing education of health and safety teachers takes place through regular staff development courses and on-site visits. The Health and Safety Unit of the Directorate for Education Services co-ordinates the work done and provides the support and training to the health and safety teachers. The system for mainstreaming OSH into education in Malta, including the role of the Health and Safety Teachers, has been developed with the cooperation and support of the trade unions MUT, GWU and UHM.

Level of Education: Preschool, School

Lead Organisation: Health and Safety Unit, Directorate for Education Services

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