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“Viilor“ Economics College provides training for students 14 to 20 years old, within both an industrial high school and a vocational school Industrial high school students graduate as technicians, accountants, merchandisers, tourism agents, event organizers… Vocational school students graduate as waiters, cooks, confectioners, sellers… The college participated in a series of EU partnerships and programmes The college OSH responsible, who is also head of the IT department and website administrator, carried out an interactive OSH training for the college’s students and teachers. A 2-person IT team ensures IT training sessions for the students but also OSH lessons (e.g. special issues related to the use of new processing techniques in the food industry, the use of new household appliances, etc.) when using IT tools Besides the legal procedures and requirements on OSH training stipulated by the law both for teachers and students, the OSH responsible initiated a series of informal on-line OSH training sessions They started from attractive posters and brochures with OSH issues to short animation movies, open discussions on good and wrong examples, simulations of emergency situations, on-line training on new appliances used by students CD-ROMs are issued by the College IT team on various OSH/emergency situations with the participation of the teachers and students An on-line campaign ”Invisible Enemies - Let’s know them, fight them, stay healthy” against biological risks was held in 2009 concerning the management of waste disposal and the risk of water contamination with domestic waste

Level of Education: Preschool, School

Lead Organisation: “Viilor“ Economics College, Bucharest

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