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This partnership, created by the city of Hamburg and comprising the city’s labour inspection team, chamber of commerce, trade unions and the statutory accident insurance association, sought to find specific industry solutions, increase awareness and facilitate information exchange for SMEs. The partners discussed and planned solutions for specific problems affecting small and medium-sized businesses in particular. Measures were implemented in pilot companies involving both management and employees. As a result a preventive OSH strategy was developed and implemented through a number of successful projects in the city. One collaborative scheme developed risk assessments in outpatient care, providing practical assistance for 350 health care businesses in Hamburg. With the help of a moderator, management and employees were involved in identifying problems, implementing solutions and checking their effectiveness. Around 1,300 garages and car repair workshops in Hamburg, which since 2005 have had to comply with the Dangerous Substances Directive, were assisted through a toolkit guide on how to deal with hazardous substances. The toolkit described the correct behaviour for any activity involving hazardous substances. The partnership also developed a project entitled ‘Career start and working life – play it safe!’, to increase awareness of health and safety among young people. Twenty- six events were held by a team of educators and safety experts reaching 350 young people in Hamburg schools and vocational institutes. Subjects ranged from the safe conduct of internships to noise protection, skin protection and ergonomics. Other projects included a safety manual for small craft businesses, noise prevention in kindergartens and skin protection in wet work.

Level of Education: Continuing vocational education and training

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