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Strengthening competence - overcome stumbling blocks The experience is often the same: you have bought ergonomic work tools, back-friendly optimized workflows, trained employees. But many find it hard to abandon familiar routines. As a result, everything is within a short time the same: Newly acquired tools are not used properly, what participants learned is not converted, old behaviors grind on again. This is where the three-hour seminar module for employers, managers, experts on health and safety comes into play: It first explains causes and manifestations of lack of implementation and willingness to change. It points to ways in which managers can create appropriate conditions and take individual farm measures from this understanding. The participants learn how the prevention culture in the operation and health literacy of employees can be strengthened in order to be able to implement preventive measures successfully and sustained. The seminar is designed so that it can easily be combined with almost every event formats: as a building block of an existing seminar, workshop at a convention, in-house seminar on Health or management training. For lecturers, it is an ideal complement to their seminar portfolio.

Level of Education: Continuing vocational education and training

Lead Organisation: Joint German OSH Strategy (GDA)

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