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The planned improvement campaign involved limiting the use of tools that could constitute sources of fire (angle grinders, welding tools, cutting tools and tools for oxyacetylene welding) to specifically certified staff. Certification is acquired after taking part in a special training course and passing a final exam. Trained staff members are issued with a “licence for working with fire”. Precedence for taking part in the course is given to less expert and younger staff. The course involves eight hours of theory plus a practical section that involves simulating typical operating situations: raising barriers, removing inflammable/combustible materials, performing an extinguishing test with fire extinguishers. Amongst the subjects covered on the course, we also consider the chemical and physical properties of the chemical substances present in the systems. For this specific aspect, simplified Safety Forms were produced and given to the participants as teaching material in the lesson.

Level of Education: Initial vocational education and training, Continuing vocational education and training

Lead Organisation: La Toscana Impianti S.r.l.

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