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As side activities, training materials will be designed, safe school criteria will be determined and OSH trainings will be performed for related MoNE staff including policy makers, teacher, directors etc. • Signing protocols with related directorates under the MoNE. • Approval of competent authority/related directory (ies) under the MoNE about training/promotion materials. • Updating education programs in order to integrate OSH • Designing training materials and dissemination of those materials • Determining safe school criteria and realization of those criteria via (a) pilot application • Trainings for related MoNE staff • It is foreseen to be used the designed training materials by the MoNE after the project ends • It is aimed to lead MoNE about building/renewing the schools with safety manner via using the determined safe school criteria • It is foreseen to permanently fix OSH issues in to education system by integrating it in to top level training documents.

Level of Education: Preschool, School, Initial vocational education and training, Continuing vocational education and training

Lead Organisation: Ministry of Labor and Social Security, Türkiye

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