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In 2018, one year after the start of the project, the Education Council of the European Union gave recommendations to include IP and IP-related matters in the key competences that Europeans should acquire throughout their education, and in its conclusions, the Council also recognised the work of the EUIPO in this area.
The main tool for the EUIPO to help the education community translate the high level political recommendations into practice is the IP Awareness day, called Ideas Powered@School, which is a compilation of age appropriate activities and lessons kits, including dedicated teacher training, tested notably in the European School of Alicante. The objective is to implement this day in all schools in the EU and beyond.
The main vehicle for such implementation is the IP in Education network which is made up of the Ministries of Education and the National IP Offices. By exchanging experiences, knowledge and networks, they help to apply through national curricula and school activities the Council’s recommendations related to IP in key competences under the EUIPO guidance.

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