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at the Beykoz University

 Türkiye, various

The Health Safety and Security Team at the Beykoz University (Türkiye) has been established with the participation of 13 people on a voluntary basis to support online trainings in the field of Occupational Health and Safety and to instil hope and boost morale in those days. The Health Safety and Security Team intends to increase the awareness of the participants and to contribute to their personal, professional and academic development by organizing Health Safety and Security Talks and Health Safety and Security Trainings with competent and effective experts / trainers in their field and develop their visible leadership characteristics by means of responsibilities and roles assumed within the team. The team keep working continuously for disseminating risk communication and security climate in social platforms and public opinion; provide equal opportunities in the education of students studying in the field of Occupational Health and Safety due to pandemic conditions.

Level of Education: Higher education

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