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Since mid-2004, the health promotion department of the public health service has been conducting a project for the promotion of health in kindergartens, in conjunction with 16 kindergartens run by the city of Zwickau. The project is scheduled to run for 2½ years. The objective is to support the childcare professionals in their work by ongoing provision of further training and by the pooling of experience. Health promotion is already practised in the daily activities of kindergartens; the specific objective in this case is therefore to reinforce and consolidate the elements already in place, and to provide an impetus for new events. A further aspect is promoting the health of the childcare professionals. Many childcare professionals have noise and posture-related complaints owing to their work, as they bend or crouch down to the children's level, either consciously or unconsciously, and spend a large proportion of their working day in a bent posture.

Level of Education: Preschool, School

Lead Organisation: Amt für öffentlichen Gesundheitsdienst (public health service office),Werdauer Strasse 62,D-08056 Zwickau

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