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The most popular content on feel-ok.ch, which is often covered in schools and in open youth work, includes sexual education , addiction prevention ( cannabis , tobacco , alcohol ), choosing a career , preventing violence and stress , and promoting a balanced diet , among others healthy self-confidence and media literacy .
Young people can engage with the content on feel-ok.ch independently. The website also offers games, tests and video clips in language suitable for young people. The most popular tools are listed on feel-ok.ch/cool .
Adults also have access to worksheets (in conjunction with Curriculum 21 ), interactive methods , an address card with offers ( INFO QUEST ) and a survey tool ( SPRINT ) to use the resources of feel-ok.ch with little effort and skillful didactics Using the young people being looked after: A video guide explains how this works at feel-ok.ch/vortrag-Einsatz .
40 renowned specialist organizations are responsible for the quality of the content - including this for parents of young people . Additional materials such as flyers and thematic question cards can be ordered. The feel-ok.ch application is free and the offer is free of commercial advertising.

Level of Education: School

Lead Organisation: RADIX Swiss Health Foundation

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