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The main product is an e-learning system. It has been posted on the Internet (www.eefpbs.eu) with restricted access. The contents are almost exclusively written and saved in English. The system, however, allows users to switch between English and German. Thus future contents written in German can be posted there, which has already been done regarding some chapters (e. g. chapter 3 and chapter 12). The e-learning system was generated by subdividing the contents as follows: 1. Specific fire risks in building stock 2. Type of use - building purpose 3. Escape and rescue routes 4. Performance of typical materials 5. Fire resistance of existing elements 6. Facades 7. Judicial base 8. Upgrade of passive fire protection 9. Active fire protection 10. Building services 11. Preservation of cultural heritage 12. Fire fighting 13. Organisational fire prevention 14. Fire protection planning 15. More to read 16. Keywords The chapters 1 to 14 have been programmed as separate learning units. These learning units generally consist of four steps. Teaching units presented as audio-video presentations are the core of the e-learning system (step 1). They are complemented by saved PowerPoint presentations that run simultaneously with or independently of the video presentations (step 2). A long text version provides the possibility of self- instruction (step 3) and is supplemented by a summary (step 4). In addition to this, chapter 15 includes further sources of information in form of country-specific Internet links. In chapter 16 explanations on subject-specific keywords can be looked up in no time. According to estimations the students will need five business days on average to take in the prepared learning contents.

Level of Education: Continuing vocational education and training

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