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The framework for the European Network of Health Promoting Schools (ENHPS) and health promoting schools generally can be found within the action areas of the Ottawa Charter and best be described as a holistic approach to health promotion and health development within a setting. The ENHPS is a demonstration activity. Countries apply for membership of the Network and have to fulfil a certain number of requirements to be accepted as members. These include the joint support of the initiative by both the education and health ministry, through a written agreement, the appointment of a coordinator to manage the activity and the selection of a number of pilot schools. These schools form the network of schools in the country and internationally, the European Network. The schools commit themselves to the development of strategies and implementation of programmes of health promotion, focusing upon the twelve criteria that have been devised by the ENHPS. These criteria lay the foundation for the schools programmes and are recognized by the Network as the main objectives through which schools can become health promoting schools.

Level of Education: Preschool, School


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