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 Lithuania, Lithuanian

The company “SDG” has a purpose to improve health and safety at work situation in Lithuania and teaching is one of its practices. We took an active participation in the “Safe Start” campaign by organizing the meetings with pupils. The project took place in September right after the summer holiday. We visited eleven high schools and four gymnasiums. Participants were pupils between the ages of 15 to 18. Five hundred twenty three pupils took part in the investigation. At the meetings special publications of European Agency for Safety and Health at Work and its national Focal Point in Lithuania as well as the company’s prepared teaching material and films about the occupational risk were presented. Pupils took part in the company’s organized poster and clip contests. At the debates students were especially interested in the legal aspects of employment and occupational risk. The meetings were successful as the pupils were interested in presented topics and a lot of answers to the concerning questions were given. “Health and safety at work” and “occupational risk” concepts were supposedly known to 14% of pupils, about 16 % of pupils knew them and about 70% of pupils had no idea about these things.

Level of Education: Initial vocational education and training

Lead Organisation: Private Limited Liability Co. “SDG”

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