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The Education Guidelines for the World of Work is presented as a guiding document that aims to frame the pedagogical intervention of Education for the World of Work within the scope of the curriculum component of Citizenship and Development, in the context of preschool and compulsory education. The guidelines include knowledge, skills, values, attitudes, and behaviour, focusing on adaptability and the development of competences adjusted to a constantly changing labour market. The themes identified seek to respond to the challenge of a future of work that is more inclusive, sustainable and socially just.
The guidelines were launched through an online public presentation session, held on April 26, 2021, attended by the Assistant Secretary of State for Labour and Vocational Training and the Assistant Secretary of State and Education. Also participating in the session were representatives from DGE, ANQEP, ACT, ILO Lisbon, IEFP, teachers and students, Social Partners, ACTRAV/ILO and ENETOSH. In the context of compulsory education (primary education and secondary edu- cation) and pre-school education, the Education Guidelines for the World of Work can be developed in a transversal way - for example, in the 1st cycle of basic education and in secondary edu- cation - or through the subject of Citizenship and Development - in the 2nd and 3rd cycles of basic education or globally, in school projects (compulsory education), through different methodologies adjusted to the age group of students. And also, in preschool education taking into account the curricular guidelines in force for this level of education.
In addition, it contributes to the interconnection and complementarity between formal and non-formal education, constituting an important working tool for other entities and educational stakeholders interested in acting in education for the World of Work.
The Directorate-General for Education, in collaboration with national partner entities and among other initiatives, is organizing in-service teacher training based on the Education Guidelines for the World of Work, to be implemented at the beginning of academic year and is also producing other pedagogical support materials.

Level of Education: Preschool, School

Lead Organisation: Directorate-General for Education (DGE) of the Ministry of Education of Portugal

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