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Learning Through Experience school programmes
​Experienced educators and park rangers take students on a journey through curriculum-based experiences on environmental and sustainability issues. There are a range of hands-on programmes suitable for preschool, primary, intermediate and secondary students. The programmes will develop a connectedness to nature and inspire students to extend their sustainability journey. The purpose-built teaching facilities located in the parks network are a natural venue for hands-on experiential learning.

Professional development for educators
An annual series of professional development workshops for educators and a range of cluster-based learning opportunities are available. These workshops and clusters focus on sustainability education in the curriculum. They cover a range of activities, resources and topics to help you on your sustainability education journey.

Young Leaders Programme
​A sustainability leadership programme builds the capability of Auckland's young people so they can take their role as change agents, future leaders, early adopters and influencers within their communities. The programme accepts around 50 students a year. It is designed to build action competence and support students to create action plans for sustainable change in their schools and communities. The Young Leaders Programme is based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. It partners with the corporate sector to develop career pathways for participants with organisations that are committed to the sustainability journey.

Enviroschools is a programme that supports children and young people to plan, design and implement sustainability actions.  Participating schools range from early childhood through to secondary school and beyond. The programme includes student-directed process of exploration, decision making, action and reflection, as well as action projects with environmental and educational outcomes that benefit the school and wider community.

Level of Education: Preschool, School

Lead Organisation: Auckland Council

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