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On the subject of ergonomics, the apprentices learn how to lift and carry correctly. To handle heavier loads, you should use the lifting and carrying aids available or get a second person to help you. “We check that the apprentices do not exceed the load limits for young people and also pay attention to the different body types of the young people. They are only given work that does not exceed their physical and mental capabilities,” explains Spindlegger. The machines used in the market represent a source of danger. For example, in the delicatessen department you can cut your finger with the sausage cutting machine if you do not use the sausage gripper. Injuries are also possible from the bread cutting machine or the meat grinder, burns from the bread oven and the foiling machine. Before the apprentices are allowed to work on these machines, they are trained on them, as well as after purchasing a new device. When training apprentices, care is also taken to ensure that they use the prescribed personal protective equipment, such as protective gloves when working on the bread oven or during cleaning work. Electric pallet trucks may only be driven with safety shoes. Cold protection clothing is required in the freezer area; Here, particular care is taken to ensure that the apprentices do not exceed the permitted length of stay.

Level of Education: Initial vocational education and training

Lead Organisation: SPAR Austria

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