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Better working environment for the young people in the retail industry (BAUD) BAUD the project creates new knowledge about young people's working environment and how it can be improved with the structural measures, which in the long term it can potentially prevent accidents at work and early attrition in this high-risk group. The research project aims to create the structural measures of the mix of companies in the retail industry to better knowledge, interest, and behavior according to the working environment among 15-17 year-old working in free time jobs, and thereby contribute to the prevention of occupational accidents and early attrition in the longer term. 
The project will generate new knowledge about how this audience assesses the working environment and workplace risks, and how companies can get a forming function for work environment in young people's careers. 
The target group of 15-17 year olds are only concluded into the work environment to a limited extent, but is responsible for a large part of the accidents, and stresses that the work entails. It is about the wear and tear from heavy lifting, one-sided repetitive work, cutting accidents from the use of knives and the trauma from the robbery and threats. 
On the basis tested and evaluated in our special 'young people's work environment groups (DUA)’, which is directed towards the individual young people and the workplace at the same time, as the young people loosely affiliated employees involved in the work environment system, on a project by project basis. The project thus contributes to an increased knowledge of - and experience with - how the young people who have free time job experience the working environment and can develop a preventive behavior.

Level of Education: Initial vocational education and training

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