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„BASE“ definition: B = „Breakdown“ (analysis), A = „Arrangement“ and occupational health, S = „Schooling“/Training (kinesic behaviour and health awareness), E = „E…“ personal responsibility and self- management Within the first step functional stresses and postural loads of daily tasks are analysed and evaluated. Using direct visual observation and video recordings frequent movements characterized by high levels of stress are identified. Step two means to find out how the workplace arrangement influences occupational health The third step: Training. Health-conscious behaviour requires the perception, reflection and correction of unfavourable and unstable posture and movements. This awareness is pointed out by so-called „aha-experiences“ (light bulb moments). Step 4: personal responsibility and self management: Establishment of courses considering expressed wishes of the employees, for example back exercise and coordination-training, Soccer-fitness-training, Nordic Walking.

Level of Education: Continuing vocational education and training

Lead Organisation: University of Hamburg,,Faculty of Education, Psychology and Movement Science, Department Movement and Training Science

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