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The project was launched in autumn 2004. It is an additional component of the safety training which uses the experience of apprentices who have completed their second year of training to convey knowledge to apprentices of the same profession from the year below. The so called “peer approach” implies that acceptance of the information conveyed is higher when coming from peers than with traditional training methods. The programme consists of four parts: 1) Senior apprentice identify issues (the more advanced apprentices pas on their knowledge to junior colleagues together with instructors and the safety engineer) 2) Project work (group work; presentations must be prepared within two or three months which must not be longer than 30 minutes) 3) “Dress rehearsal” ( meeting for a “dry run”; corrections on the presentations can be made after the presentations; this is followed by the briefing of the younger apprentices ad a feedback discussion) 4) Presentation (once every year, all groups have the chance to present themselves and their project results; representatives of the whole company are there to discuss with and talk to the young apprentices about their job).

Level of Education: Initial vocational education and training

Lead Organisation: RWE Westfalen-Weser-Ems AG

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