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Everyday school activity and programme contains such activities that lead the pupils into positive changes of the attitude towards one another, the environment, to maintain good relations with people, to be able to solve the problems effectively and manage stress and the regime. The school considers a long-term priority to educate a man who grasps and understands the value of health and strives at health protection. The school education programme stresses a fair acquirement of the essential observations (pieces of knowledge) in close relation to functional abilities and the capability of adapting them into task solutions, teaching, current life, and routine situations. Within the programme “School of the Third Millennium” secures mastering the basic skills and habits influencing active health – i.e. helps them to understand the importance of health and life, acquired the principles of a healthy lifestyle, to learn to decide and act properly in favour of their own and others’ health.

Level of Education: School

Lead Organisation: Elementary School Hornoměcholupská

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