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A series of actions were adopted to minimise the hazards, risks and outcomes resulting from employing young workers. These include: providing working conditions that guarantee the health and safety of workers; reducing the accident rate through risk prevention and thereby reducing the social and economic costs; promoting a safety culture and improving performance; contributing towards the competitiveness of the company and increasing its productivity and quality with better conditions for the execution of the work. There are three centres of Caetano, which coordinate their actions. There is a cross-plant health and safety structure. The training processes are integrated into the overall health and safety approach of the company, including close supervision of new workers, and training programmes for young people and future professionals that incorporate health and safety. Specific actions include: preventive measures implemented throughout the recruitment and induction process for new workers, aimed at a culture of awareness raising and promotion of good practices of health and safety at work; health and safety training of young workers as an integral part of the vocational training of apprentices delivered at its vocational training centres.

Level of Education: Initial vocational education and training

Lead Organisation: Salvador Caetano Industrias MetalĂșrgicas e VĂ©iculos de Transporte S.A.

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