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A Creative School programme attempts at leading the pupils to keep up with the determined rules and principles of self-discipline. The objective may be met by the creation of a motivating, pupil-friendly and safe environment. The education strategy addresses the procedures that create and develop the key pupil competencies. The competencies directly relating to health and safety that create opinions, awareness, opinions, approaches and cultivating the right habits are civil competencies (foster the responsibility for one’s own health, in some classes and with some teachers to acquaint the pupils with pertinent legal standards, teach accident prevention), work competencies (acquaint the pupils with the principles of occupational safety, one’s own and others’ health protection and consistently require keeping to these principles), to demonstrate safe use of technical equipment, assist pupils to be adapted to changes in working conditions. Getting to know various professions and their technical environment, demonstrating civil and personal competencies (a set of rules which has been discussed and agreed upon) and developind mitigation strategies for addressing the problems are priorities of the school. The subjects: What will I be – Personal and social education, subject areas “Self-knowing and self-understanding” - first level Self-assessment as a precondition for career choice – Personal and social education, subject areas “Self-knowing and self-understanding” - second level. The school disposes of a special endowment and organisational facilities.

Level of Education: Preschool, School

Lead Organisation: Elementary School Zárubova

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