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For five consecutive days or more, operators must sew around loops woven into the 22 mm-thick carcass rope and net using a spool. Stitches must be sewn every 1.52 cm and the thread of the winding around the rope firmly tightened using the physical force of one hand while holding the rope with the other.
A risk assessment of the operators’ workplace was performed. Physiotherapists were consulted and a number of preventive measures were implemented. Rotation of employees performing work with increased physical load was introduced. Employees can now rotate tasks in the event of muscle fatigue.
Team leaders attended ergonomics training to be able to correct and instruct operators who are performing work in a non-ergonomic manner.
This project was awarded with the EU Healthy Workplaces Good Practice award 2022.

Level of Education: Continuing vocational education and training

Lead Organisation: UAB Vonin Lithuania

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