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Data security and cyber threats are a major concern for businesses of all sizes, as they can lead to the loss of intellectual property or confidential customer data. As technology advances, so too do the methods criminals use to try and gain unlawful access to sensitive information.
Investing in your team is one of the best ways to stay ahead of the threat and keep your organisation safe. In this guide, we’ll explore how training employees on cybersecurity and data protection protocols allows organisations to build a secure line of defence.
It can be difficult to run your business without legitimate cybersecurity protections, especially if you specialise in e-commerce or have a strong online presence. The way cyber attacks are carried out is becoming more sophisticated, which requires staying on top of the tactics attackers might use and guarding your business against them.
Training your employees
The faster a cyber attack is identified, the less money you lose. In 2022, the average time taken to identify and resolve a data breach was 277 days — approximately nine months. But organisations can save huge amounts of money if they take less than 200 days to resolve things. That’s why training people is so important.

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