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Construction sites are dynamic and complex environments, making them difficult to control and monitor. Construction safety prevents people from dying or becoming incapacitated. It is a socially relevant issue that persists despite several initiatives. To cope with the pressure of avoiding accidents development, safety can no longer rely on traditional accident preventions measures. The project CSETIR arises from the synergy between higher education institutions and construction companies to implement the use of smart technologies in proper training. The digital tools allow the creation of instruments that simulate construction scenarios allowing the identification and prevention of risks for teachers, technicians, and engineers. This approved project aims at enhancing knowledge exchange between representatives of three sectors to innovate the accident prevention approaches through effective collaboration between researchers in the virtual reality field and construction companies. The project will develop innovative and interactive VR/AR (Virtual and Augmented Reality) solutions based on BIM modelling capacities to prevent accidents and train workers. The project intends to create usable tools for teachers, technicians, and engineers that will be used in any construction project. The project also aims at offering training sessions online on an online platform (project website, wiki) to grant learners and trainees access to interactive material and resources. These tools will range from applications to be used on smartphones to virtual reality contexts depending on the needs of training.

Level of Education: Higher education, Continuing vocational education and training

Lead Organisation: CSETIR

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